Revolving Doors

What is the revolving door?

The revolving door fulfills different purposes at entrances of public buildings. Safe, convenient, and elegant design, enable people to come in and go out without disruption. And anything that needs to stay outside remains outside, revolving door facilitates quick movement of people in and out of the building while keeping cold winds out of the warm interior space. This increases the energy efficiency of the building. You can choose between a manual or automatic version, depending on how much visitor traffic your door needs to manage

The revolving door features

Careful attention to the details, elegant structure, profiles of the rotating wings examined carefully for insertion of brushes adding no brushes holder, with harmonic shapes for easy assembling.

  • Top cross canopy - A cross canopy made in metal tubes complete with a motor system and electronics kit. The cables to the devices with are not in the cross canopy are arranged, the security sensors, the sensor for revolution start, the lamps for inner lighting, etc. The cables are all prewired and already tested & prepared to be connected to its device. The cross canopy, just one for all the types, can be provided in just one size to be then cut based on the door’s dimension. With the laser is engraved the cutting points be determined by the requirements about the dimensions; this allows buying more kits all equal which can be then customized.
  • Side panels - The doors have no top; the side panels are made in one piece, one right and one left all assembled, made by uprights, baseboards, and upper band. The glasses are set after the assembling of the structure and fixed with a special glass stop. With this solution, many pieces to be assembled are removed, making the assembly on-site faster. Besides, in case the local installer wants for technical or commercial reasons or any other reason, he can make the side panels on his own.
  • Ceilings - The ceilings are painted steel or stainless steel based on the external finish. Totally 4 pieces, 2 of 120° and 2 of 90° complete with holes for the devices provided (lights and cycle sensors if the product is used in access control functions).
  • Inspectable sections for the maintenance - Two inspectable parts are being arranged over the passage gate, internal and external to make the maintenance of the doors easier. Easy assembling/disassembling to allow full accessibility to the equipment location though the ceiling is slow.
  • Central rotation unit - The unit is made of 2 rotating modules, one at the top which goes to insert itself through the shaft in the gear motor, and one at the bottom with a fixing kit to the ground. The modules are arranged for the insertion of the aluminum profiles that develop the rotating wings.
  • Rotating wings - Made in aluminum profiles specially designed are complete with glasses, finishing's for the fixing of glasses, and air-proof brushes.
  • Tablet for control and parametrization - It is the multi-function instrument that permits the parametrization of the door, setting the functions, showing the status, and interacting with the people nearby the doors, wireless. The tablet interacts with the door through a Wi-Fi network dedicated and protected. With a tablet, it is possible to control more doors without losing control of any of them. From the tablet are shown the anomalies and the events. There are not lots of programs; all the functions are in the system – the functions required are operated from the tablet according to the requirements. By the TEST function is shown the status and the anomalies; this function has been specially set as support for the user versus the service center in case of anomalies. If the door is networked connected it is possible to display the events straight from the operating unit of the service center.


Power supply and management electronics

  1.  Power supply - We used power supply units of a first-class world producer to guarantee the best functionality and strength over the years as well as accessibility in any part of the world. The units are created by:

- Power-pack 110-230V AC/24V DC 10.

- Battery charger for 12 V batteries UPS unit FM 6 to 32 AH

Moreover, UPS provides the battery's status and the existence of the power-pack; hence, according to the requirements can be selected from the system resulting functions.

  1. Electronic board - The logic is built on the industrial PC platform “fan less” (mono card with Linus using the system. The port is fitted with setting and communication standards for instance:

- Programming viable in C++

- 2 Ethernet ports

- 3 USB ports

- 2 CAN BAS Ports

- 1 RS-232 Port

- 1 RS 485 Port

- 1 mini–SD Card Port

Into the mini-SD card or through the USB port, it is possible to insert a compilation for music reproduction in the cabin the electronics are fitted with a 5 W Hi-fi System.

Thanks to the performances of the electronics utilized we developed a management algorithm of the movement of the revolution to make the starts and the stops soft, with no sudden breaks, with absolute accuracy of stop positions millimeter, just think that the encoder of 360 impulses/revolution is mounted on the motor shaft and the reduction ratio is 211,3171. The rotation lap is divided into more than 75.000 points of an encoder.



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