Parcel Lockers 

What is a Parcel Locker? 

It is a complete system of rugged locker hardware, smart front-end and server software as well as broad service and support options. It allows postal and logistics companies to cut costs and maximize both, their delivery efficiency and customer experience.
Our parcel locker provides the ideal platform to meet the increasing request for online shopping and counter the alarming statistics of mail and identity theft. 

Our smart parcel locker specifications 

- Premium Quality & Accessibility
Our parcel lockers are the standard for accessibility.
Premium quality and strength guarantee a smooth process even under the hardest climatic conditions
The parcel lockers are enduring and rugged, their life cycle is 10 years & more, their TCO is low.

- Guaranteed Safety
Guaranteed safety and operational concept to protect users, operators, lockers, and their data.
Lock Secure safeguards kids against being incidentally locked in a box while playing.
Vandalism-proof: rugged steel construction, anti-graffiti coating, unbreakable touchscreen glass.

- Flexible
A parcel locker is important for you to be flexible & easily adapted to your needs - even if it's constantly changing.
It gives you the greatest amount of flexibility of any product available on the market, thanks to expandable modules, flexible installation possibilities, and many other selections.

- Easy to use
Everyone who uses our parcel locker should be able to operate our system easily.
This also includes deliverers, the disabled, and service engineers.
Our parcel locker makes it possible for anyone with a disability to pick up their packages in easy to access areas. 

Different types of a parcel locker


KePol FS

Suitable for outdoors – rainy weather, snow, heat, cold or high humidity.



KePol LS

Perfect for 24/7 parcel indoor handovers in shopping malls, train stations, airports.



KePol CL

Even closer to the customers with the compact parcel locker for indoors and outdoors.




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