Dock Levelers 

What is a dock leveler?

In simple terms, a dock leveler is a steel platform that connects the dock to the vehicle platform to allow forklifts to access the dock and load goods.
The dock leveler guarantees a safe, efficient, and smooth transition of goods from dock to truck in the loading and unloading operations. The dock leveler is designed to be consistent with the existing loading bay configuration.

How does a dock leveler work?

The vehicle docks in contact with the bumpers raise the ramp, unseals the lip, leans on the platform, and loads. The telescopic ramps have an extensible lip and cover the platform as needed and are vital for recessed loading bays.
The dock pit levelers range includes provides swing or telescopic lip dock leveler, castle and suspended dock levelers, hydraulic dock leveler, manual dock leveler, or electro-hydraulic opening, to accommodate the various needs of pits’ construction systems. The most efficient system is prefabrication, which provides defined, fast, cheap, and reliable results, avoiding errors.

Different Types Of Dock Levelers 


Universal Dock Levelers

Universal Dock Leveler can replace several models and is entirely made of Structural Steel S355.


Swing lip dock: installation with accessories

Electrohydraulic dock leveler with swing lip, powerful and lasting, it allows loading the vehicles.


Suspended dock levelers with swing and telescopic tip

Dock levelers in one piece, inclusive of the power pack, compact frame. 550 mm high pack, complete with accessories.


Swing and telescopic lip castle dock levelers

Dock levelers in one piece, inclusive of the power pack, compact frame. 550 mm high pack, complete with accessories.


Telescopic lip dock levelers

Electrohydraulic dock leveler with telescopic lip, powerful and lasting, allows loading the vehicles in the securest system.


CampisaCast dock levelers

The CampisaCast dock leveler offers the easiest solution for building a loading bay.


Traditional pits fitting systems

The dock leveler is installed into pits made on drawing, that require safety for the rims. 


Prefabricated pits and loading docks

The prefabricated pits (formwork to lose) substitute the pit-rim-frame & allow a simple & quick construction.


Minilinker Dock levelers

Manual dock leveler, counterbalanced with a gas-spring or hydraulically powered, that allows solving economically.

Dock Leveler Installation Specifications 

- On radius ramps, the self-draining lip doesn't carry the residue normally present on the dock (sections of pallets, nails, screws, bolts) in the hinge.

- Automated side flaps for reducing the width of the lip for narrow floors, which automatically withdraw when the lip is extended and it approaches the side walls of the van.

- Ramp-to-bench connection without cutting points for the wheels of the forklifts: the patented Campisa system has a curved connection, whatever the desire of the ramp.

- The width of the ramp is as big as possible equal to the width of the platform. Average widths are 2000mm and 2200mm.

- Length such as to stay within the slopes that the transshipment vehicles may exceed (generally 8% and 4%).

- Hot-dip galvanized finish for extremely humid surroundings and where intensive washing is applied.

- Load capacity (concentrated on lift truck, as per EN 1398) standard at 6000kg and 9000kg (special).



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