"Evo Series"

The Evo series provided by Mechanic LLC in partnership with KEBA is your perfect module for the future.
The Evo series is unique in its diversity of performance and possibilities, which makes it the perfect fit for the demands of the future.
Whether it's an innovative ATM with a cash recycling function, multi-functional self-service system, automated solutions, or the merging of self-service system and communication platform.

The Evo Series Unique Features 

Evo series is your ultimate solution to a great customer experience.

Made of glass 

As banking automation experts, we know that a self-service system should run over a long time without problems. For the new Evo series, we, therefore, rely on glass for the interface, since it is not only extremely resistant to wear and vandalism, but also very easy to clean.

Smart Surface

The user interface is the most significant action point with your customers. Multitouch display, integrated cameras, sensors, and a fundamentally new operating and illumination concept makes up the "Smart Surface" of Evo.

For all user groups 

It is necessary to adapt the branch equipment to the needs of different groups of people, e.g., with regard to accessibility. With the "design4all" approach of the Evo series, the diverse requirements of all users  have been taken into consideration to exploit all usability potentials.


Why Evo series is considered to be the future of the ATM industry?

Integrated concepts

With Evo, automated banking services can easily be combined with consulting services. Evo’s complete integration in new counter solutions, made automated services easily provided & personal communication reinforced at the same time. 


The use of marketing channels is the main success factor for branch concepts. The ATM is an important customer contact point. Why not use self-service devices for cross-selling & marketing campaigns? 


Smart Surface, with a 19-inch screen, NFC, and bar code scanning facilitates omnichannel banking. Recycling of foreign currencies and large transactions - the scope of your marketing and sales ideas is unlimited. 

Brand ambassador

You can also implement your design and branding directly on the Evo system, regardless of the location. The installation and ventilation concept makes enclosures, full-surface paneling, extensions, and additions possible. 

Counter and self-service combined

Evo enables a combination of self-service systems and counter services, regardless of whether you integrate the system in your counter architecture or wish to provide fully-automated services in extremely small branches.  

Security investment for the future 

Developed holistically and flexible for all requirements

The world is becoming progressively complex, dynamic, and unpredictable. It is therefore important to limit the risk of making investments today which may no longer comply with the requirements of the market tomorrow.

The Evo series creates freedom for decision-making and investing with which you are always on the safe side regarding the design of your banking solution. With all the new features, it is just as critical for the technology to be flexible and future-proof, whether it is a counter solution or self-service system, or whether it is in the self-service foyer or outdoors.

Versatile in function and design

The Evo series provides you with suitable systems for any self-service transformation and fulfills future requirements. This is made possible utilizing a modular expandable system: new self-service functions can be added at any time using the wing concept, and in such a way that it is unobvious that the function has been added after.

The wing is integrated into the whole system and influences acceptance and user-friendliness in the best way. Using a well-thought-of ventilation concept, Evo can also be integrated into counter architecture or designed with paneling elements easily and at any time.



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